jueves, 6 de octubre de 2016

1-Fossil fuels
1.1 Percent of energy used each year in the united states comes from fossil fuels
1.2 Coak,oil and natural gas-are a leading energy source around the world
1.1 When natural gas burns,it produces mostly carbon dioxide and water vapor
1.2 A especial advantage of natural gas is that it burns very cleanly
1.1 Also,fossil fuels(except for natural gas) pruduce pollutants
1.2 Gases released from burning fossil fuels trap more heat in earths atmosphere than would be trapped naturally.
2- Hydroeletric power
1.1 Water is widery used to produce electricity
1.2 The movement of these electrons creates an electric current
1.1 Dams produce a great deal of needed electricity
1.2 Dams also create many opportunities for


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